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Freight Cars
Drop-End Gondola

Series ART-410xx


Drop-End Gondolas
Drop-End Gondolas are perhaps the busiest freight car on the railway, carrying everything from minerals to lumber and steel. Gondolas are widely used because of their long-life durability and steel construction.

Covered Gondola

Series ART-411xx


Covered Gondolas
This is a standard 40 foot car that was covered for the protection of plated steel products and some dry goods. The top removed in one piece for loading and unloading and was provided with an AAR standard walkway.

Covered Hopper

Series ART-412xx


Covered Hoppers
These cars pioneered the use of all welded construction and made their debut in 1940. American Car and Foundry (ACF) made the first car as a demonstrator and the concept was rapidly adopted by railways carrying bulk dry products.

100 Ton Coal Hopper

Series ART-414xx


100 Ton Coal Hoppers
Coal is a lovely load. It doesn't have to be kept warm or dry. It just needs a high capacity vehicle that is strong and durable. The 100 ton hopper dates from the late 1950s when it was first used on the Pocohontas coal haulers.

Single-dome Tank Car

Series ART-413xx


Single-dome Tank Cars
This tank car represents the 1940s state of the art for transportation of chemicals and petroleum. This steam-jacketed car of around 10,000 gallons arrived in time to support the massive oil movements of WW II, when America's costal shipping was under threat from submarines.

Triple-dome Tank Car

Series ART-416xx


Triple-dome Tank Cars
A cousin of the single-dome, these cars allowed for the compartmentalisation of loading, providing greater flexibility of car utilisation.

40' Steel Box Car

Series ART-460xx


40' Steel Box Cars
In the mid 1940s, the Pullman Standard company ran an advertisement in the Railway Age that compared the 40 ft box car to a private in the army... any task as ordered, when ordered. These versatile cars were the basis of the Less than Car Loading (LCL) traffic base of the American railways in their golden age.

40' Stock Car

Series ART-461xx


40' Stock Cars
This car was used throughout the US and Canada for the movement of livestock. Large fleets of these vehicles were owned not only by the railways, but also by large meat processing companies such as Swift and Armor Packaging.

40' Steel Reefer

Series ART-462xx


40' Steel Reefer Cars
This Refrigerator Car - "Reefer" - represents the state of the art for cooled goods transport in the 1940s, which required the support of a huge icing infrastructure on the railways. This car was well insulated for its day and had mechanical fans for the maintenance of even temperature throughout the car.

Flat Cars with Stake

Series ART-463xx


Flat Cars with Stakes
Need to move some lumber? What about boxed machinery? Farm equipment? Well, you need a flat car. Tough, versatile and adaptable, these cars have been part of the railway scene since the mid 19th century.

Bulkhead Flat Car

Series ART-464xx


Bulkhead Flat Cars
A specialty cousin of the standard flat car, this car allows for the secure transport of loads such as drill pipe, steel tube or irrigation piping in the rough and tumble world of loose car railroading. Variations of this car have been adapted for the lumber and forest products industry.

Searchlight Car

Series ART-4636x


Searchlight Cars
This maintenance car includes two working searchlights plus rear-end markers, a storage bin, and a detailed flat car underframe with sprung axles.

53' Evans Box Car

Series ART-500xx


53' Evans Box Cars
Aristo-Craft's 53' Evans Box Car is among the largest models of freight cars ever made. This car is the first truly modern box car produced for the Large Scale market.

Long Steel Caboose

Series ART-421xx


Long Steel Caboose
The caboose was a multi-purpose vehicle. Now long gone from the railway scene, the caboose was an office for the conductor, a workstation for the brakeman and a kitchen/home-away-from-home for the crew. The real purpose of the caboose, though, was as a safety lookout at the rear of a long train.

Bobber Caboose

Series ART-422xx


Bobber Caboose
Not seen on the mainline, the Bobber gained its name from its short length (i.e. a "bobtailed caboose"). Generally associated with shortlines, the Class 1 railroads used this four-wheeled caboose for work train and transfer service.

Snow Plough

Series ART-467xx

Snow Plough Car
The Snow Plough is designed to be shoved by your locomotive to push snow and debris out of the way.  The large wedge-shaped shovel on the front of the plough is more then a match for most leaves, gumnuts and small stones, and can plough several inches of snow.

Track Cleaning Car

Item No. ART-46950


Track Cleaning Car
Clean your track while running your trains! Uses a replaceable abrasive cleaning pad.


"Shortie" Freight Cars The biggest little range on rails

Aristo-Craft's 20' Shorties represent the average freight cars of the past, compressed to fit on a smaller layout. All Shorties are available in a variety of road names.

Shortie Gondola

20' Shortie Gondolas
Series ART-400xx


Shortie Tank Car

20' Shortie Tank Cars
Series ART-401xx


Shortie Flat Car

20' Shortie Flat Cars
Series ART-402xx


Shortie Box Car

20' Shortie Box Cars
Series ART-403xx



The Classic Collection
This unique 1:24 scale collection of older style rolling stock represents typical freight cars used on American railways in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

1:24 Scale
Classic Gondolas

Classic Gondolas
Series ART-810xx

Classic Coal Hoppers

Classic Coal Hoppers
Series ART-814xx

Classic Caboose

Classic Cabooses
Series ART-821xx

Classic Box Car

Classic Box Cars
Series ART-860xx

Classic Reefer

Classic Reefer Cars
Series ART-862xx

Classic Flat Car with Cable Reels

Classic Flat Cars with Cable Reels
Series ART-864xx

Classic Log Car

Classic Log Car
Item ART-86500

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